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General Resources:

USDA Forest Service Strategic Plan

USDA Forest Service Strategic Plan: 

This comprehensive document outlines the Forest Service’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan. The plan goes into detail on the agencies 4 main outcome oriented goals.
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ePermit Introduction:

The one page FAQ sheet gives an overview of the new ePermit process and where it will be piloted.
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Special Uses:

Success Stories

US Forest Service: Special Uses Success Stories: 

This folder contains examples of success stories from the field. Learn what Special Use strategies and ideas worked for forest service communities around the nation.
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Framework for Sustainable Recreation

Framework for Sustainable Recreation:

The US Forest Service is committed to creating a framework for sustainable recreation on our nations forests. This document provides a brief history of the forests services and recreation.
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Recreation Special Uses

Guide Introduction to USDA Forest Service Recreation Special Uses:

This guide was created to help partners learn about the process for obtaining a special use permit focusing on recreational uses.
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Youth Engagement:

Youth Engagement

USDA Forest Service Integrated Strategy for Youth: 

This youth focused strategy document provides ideas on ways to work with and develop the next generation of conservationists and leaders.
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